Parcel Delivery Service

How to order

Send us an Email to
Please write your name,phone number,inquiry (such as "whole slole", "Half Rubber"...)and picture.
We'll think about the best way to repair your shoes with your picture.

We'll inform you how to repair, an estimate of repair item and schedule by e-mail.
If you speak Japanese, we'll call you in Japanese in detail!
(If you speak English onlly,it would be highly appreciated if you ask us by e-mail)
If you have any questions or problems concerning the repair, please let us know.

Pleae send us your shoes if you're OK with repair and an estimate.
The shipping charge must be paid in advance.
Please pack your shoes in the strong cardboard box.
※Please be filled with some type of cushioning/filler material/newspaper to stop any movement during transit.
※Pack only your repair shoes.(do not pack shoe tree in order not to damage shoes)

Oasis Nakazaki103 1-9-15 Nakazaki-Nishi Kita-ku Osaka 530-0015

Kutsu kobo Longstreet
phone#: 080-2210-6392

We'll repair your shoes after arriving your shoes.
We need about more than 2 weeks (all sole, more than 3 weeks)
We'll send you e-mail with the picture after completing repair

We'll return your shoes as soon as possible.
Price should be repair price + shipping charge(800 yen/a pair of shoes)+an extra charge for COD
※An extra shipping cost will be added if you repaired more than two pairs of shoes.